I recently received the following Email, and am delighted to share this link with my Johnnie family.


From: Robert Block [mailto:r.block@cox.net]
Subject: This message may be of interest re St. Johns Reunion 2003

A photo album of the Reunion from my camera is located at http://members.cox.net/k6lx/StJohnsReunion/index.htm

This site is very case sensitive, so best to copy and paste this URL.

Titles on the photos are mostly self explanatory.

Some were "old memory" locations in Winfield in which I had particular interest.

Barnhardt's was the gas station on the way to SouthWestern and the Oasis. The Oasis was also known as Pops (or Mom and Pops) or the "O" , depending.

The local history museum was very interesting. several stories of the Baden family were available there. Quite a family!

If any of these photos especially interests you, you may request that I send to a large scale original of it.

My server can't hold them all, or I would have put them up hyperlinked to the the thumbs and slides.

My especial thanks to those who put the old memories room together with catalogs, photos, and St.John's school annuals.

Robert Block

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