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campbell.rtf (132K)
campbell.doc (162K)
Latest Update! Contributed by Rev. Keith Schweitzer, Various Doctrinal Positions of the Campbellite Church of Christ and a Lutheran Response to Those Positions. (9/8/2006)

Baptism.rtf Pastor Jeff Gross contributes this paper on Baptism, "Christ's Teaching on Holy Baptism."  This is a fairly technical piece of work, and an excellent resource for any who desire to dig deeply in Biblical teaching on the Sacrament.   (9/26/02) (119K) This is a collection of news reports, web page postings, etc., compiled by Rev. Tom Handrick of Wichita Falls, Texas.  Each file in the .ZIP archive is in RTF format. (7/15/02) (56K) (49K)
Kavouras.rtf (139K)
This is a collection of the field reports submitted to TT by Rev. Dean Kavouras, who serves as a chaplain for the FBI Cleveland Division. The collection was assembled and prefaced by Keith Chuvala. In Word (.Doc) and RTF formats, zipped to minimize download time.

benke3.doc (150K)
benke3.rtf (73K) (27K) (21K)
Contributed by Rev. Charles Henrickson, Letters and documentation regarding Atlantic District President David Benke's participation in the New York City interfaith prayer service, "A Prayer for America," on Sunday, September 23, 2001.  (01/10/02)

chemnitz.rtf (51K)
chemnitz.wpd (53K)
Contributed by Rev. Charles Henrickson, Chemnitz on Rites and Ceremonies, including footnotes and bibliography. The original file was submitted in WordPerfect format (.wpd), and we've converted it to Rich Text Format (.rtf) as well. (10/02/01)

Kiesch.rtf (25K) Contributed by Rev. Eric Stefanski, TX District President Kieschnick's interpretation of doctrinal unity in the LCMS, and Pastor Cascione's critical review of Dr. Kieschnick's critical review. (5/21/99)

acispap.rtf Contributed by Rev. Kenneth D. Lueke, Is the Antichrist Already Here?, an historical, scriptural, and confessional look at who the Antichrist is. (5/12/99)

Vision.wpd Concord's TX Dist Vision Document, written by Dr. Larry White of Houston, contributed to this page by Rev. A. J. Loeschman. (4/29/99)

Synergism1.doc (34K)
Synergism2.doc (39K)
Synergism3.doc (29K) (18K)
Rev. Donald Hunter's contribution in 3 parts. Word format. The .ZIP file contains all three .doc files. (3/3/99)

Lodges.doc (104K)
Lodges.wpd (69K)
Lodges.txt (24K) (39K)
Rev. Randy Gragg's "What's Going On Behind the Lodge Door?" contains the .doc version. (3/23/99)
Images, Sounds, Etc.


Keith's rendition of the CAT41 masthead.  


Luther's "rose" seal in a smaller format, nice for adding to web pages, etc.


From Rev. Walter Snyder, a nice, small (fast loading!) graphic you can use to "Advertise" CAT41 on your own Web page. (8/31/01, Email address updated 3/12/05)


From Rev. Eric Stefanski, "For Helen's final comment in the group therapy session..." (7/29/99)

From Andy Scheck, 512x512 3d image of Luther's Seal (All three - 143K) (640x480 - 39K) (800x600 - 51K) (1024x768 - 61K)

From Eric Maiwald, CAT41 images for use as Windows wallpaper.

Links of Interest

The Christian Cyclopedia on-line (added 8/18/02)

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A Prayer for America (Rev. David Benke's prayer)

Reformation Today (4-Dec-2001)

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Xrysostom - Walt Snyder's page

Confessional Lutheran Laity of Michigan


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